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With planned decisions to success!
What are financial ratios / KPIs and what do they stand for?
Which measures can be taken to improve profitability of a company?
What is behind the meaning of profit an cash flow?

Benefits for the participants
  • Players will become confident using the English language in every business situations
  • Reporting financial results and analyzing decisions
  • Establishing new paths for the future- will encourage self-thinking skills without any practical risk


Participants will have active fun with this directed simulation board game, learning how a manufacturing and service company works. During the set-up, basic terms will be demon-strated by practical repetitive exercises in a cause – and effect driven environment. In two cycles (years), participants will execute and evaluate typical business processes and opportunities.

Language: English

Seminar duration: 3 days

Target Group
  • Business managers (commercial and technical)
  • Management trainees
  • Sales personal and traveling employees
  • Field and back office staff
  • Activity based board game with directed workbook

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